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Discover How MyRent Can Help You in Your Daily Resources Management

If a Car Rental Management Software has been developed in such a way that it supports Multi Language, Multi-Location, Multi Users and Multi-Currency than we must say that the software is one of the best from all.

MyRent management system does the same. It supports all these features and provides easy and fast networking.

Multi Locations

MyRent software supports up to 100 locations i.e. you can use from all your car rental offices for managing agreements. In addition, as an operator at the headquarter you can set different roles and access levels for operators in other locations. For example, you can restrict the details of earnings and profits from other locations, if you want. In this way MyRent allows to manage business at different locations with ease.

It doesn’t matter if you are operating in an airport or in a small tourist town. If you need to rent a car to somebody, you can do it by managing the transfers of vehicles among different locations. You can decide: the groups available for each location and the time of availability.

Multi Users

MyRent allows multiple users to access the software. You can set many admins in the software for different locations and they can use the software for the rental agreement. You can see the agreements and earnings for all the locations and can restrict other users to their own space.

Multi Language Software

MyRent is developed for worldwide use, hence it supports many languages. Choose your preferred language and make rental agreements fast and easily.

Multi Language Printed Documents

In addition to multi language software, you can also Print the documents in your preferred language.

Multi-Currency Management

The software supports multiple currency i.e. you can calculate the vehicle price and rates in dollars, pounds or euros. You can set the currency of your country and then all the price, rates and discount calculation will be done in that predefined currency.

Documentation Management Solution

MyRent has a complete document management solution by using the users can see, upload and print the documents. Users can also define and create the type of document, decryption about the document and suitable keyword which help in searching the right docs in future. All these features together make it easy for the car operator to manage the documents.