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Here’s to simplifying the client inserting process and stopping ID fraud your car rental business connected for better customer process.

In the Car Rental industry when the business is growing, it’s time to change the way you do your business. While once, you could be ok managing car rental with just papers, with the growth you focus on improving the customer process.

At Dogma Systems we understand how difficult it could be for car rentals withing growth to insert customer data fast, as well as to detect the fraud documents and trust people their valuable asset. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the integration with 365 ID, a complete ID security service that effectively stops fake and invalid passports, ID cards, and driving licenses. In just a few seconds, the authenticity and expiration date of the ID document will be verified by using the 365id scanner. And now we’re making it easier for you to connect your MyRent and 365 ID accounts.

What Is 365 ID?

365ID is a complete and modern ID security solution that allows car rental owners to detect the fraud in minutes. It takes care of inserting customer data while doing rental agreement, validation of ID documents, and smooth transfer of data-all automatically.  And when you process documents though 365 ID, automatic data inserting, faster check-out and check-in, improved customer experience and employee satisfaction all come standard.

365ID simplifies all the tedious tasks that were coming from growing your car rental. Our favorite features include:

  • Free amount of scans, you can scan as many documents as you need and monthly fee does not change.
  • ID fraud detection in just a minute
  • Smooth data transfer, your employees will save 2 hours of work every day by automatically inserting the ID information in MyRent.
And moreover, GDPR compliance

    How MyRent and 365 ID work together?

    It’s easy to make rentals and fleet using both MyRent and 365 ID. Every time you start making rental in MyRent and start inserting the client data, you can put the document of the client inside the 365ID device and it will be automatically synced to MyRent, appearing as client data eliminating the manual work.

    What’s New?

    We’re making it even easier for car rentals and car dealers to find 365ID in their MyRent profile. The 365ID document scan integration  is now easily accessible inside the rental making process.

    You can expect clear steps to guide you through integrating your MyRent and 365ID accounts. And with a single place to manage your integration settings and see your connection status, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with a secure rental solution.

    The MyRent-365ID integration is just one more way you can simplify and secure your car rental process. When you can automate manual data inserting for your people and take care of detecting fraud documents in a few quick clicks, you’ll be able to put your mind to more important things. Like taking your rental business to the next level.

    If you have any questions about the MyRent-365ID integration, feel free to write in our online chat. If you’d prefer to be in talk to a person, our award-winning Support Team would be happy to chat and give you a hand during the live demo. Email

    or call +39


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