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Online Booking Form

Online booking is one of the three different levels of management for booking via the web. Online booking will be integrated to your website and customers can book the car on rent by using an online booking form.

The Online Booking form allows customers to book a vehicleon your website in real-time, using the rates you’ve pre-set in your MyRent system.

Customers can check the availability of vehicles and other features, and proceed with booking a vehicle. The MyRent system will be updated automatically.



When you make changes to your vehicles and rates in the MyRent system, the Online Booking form will update itself in real time, and customers will easily be able to book available vehicles and proceed with online payment directly.

Extras: You can aslo add some optional and extra accossories which your customers can pick while reserving the car.
Extras as optionals which car rental operators sell to customers as additional items. You can show these optional on the online booking form from directly from the MyRent System.



Ways of Payment

There are many ways to pay for online booking via the web.

  • Payment through Credit Card
  • Via PayPal
  • Integration with the Bank Account
  • Payment at the Arrival

The graphics and layout are completely compatible with most of the modern iOS and Android Tablets.


Customization- We can customize the integration among online booking and the bank account of the customer on the request of the customer.