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           Dogma Systems is happy to announce its expansion in Latino America, we are happy to be near our clients with our Partner Intrace SolutionsMyRent Enters Partnership with Intrace Solutions

MyRent Enters Partnership with Intrace Solutions

As a car rental owner, you have a lot on your desk. But, if the process of rental management leaves you feeling confused, exhausted, or frustrated, then you might want to consider automating some of your tasks on the desk. Sound easy right? But is not easy to find the right car rental system and person. One who understands your business and your software. So you always want to receive the service that is your culture and country-specific right? That’s why Dogma Systems, MyRent has partnered with Intrace solutions.

What is Intrace Solutions?

For over 18 years, Intrace Solutions has been helping car rentals, fleet management, and automotive companies to leverage their businesses. The team of Intrace keeps focusing on the understanding of customer business requirements, process operation and goals.

With a dedicated demo and consultancy, you will receive, you can share the questions about managing your rental with an expert who knows your business inside and out. This is even more important as your business grows and your fleet management becomes more complex.

Why we Choose Intrace Solutions

Shared values are a huge factor in the success of most partnerships.

As MyRent users know, customer service is very important to us. It’s why our super support team answers the phone in 3 rings or fewer and never transfers callers to another department.

We knew Intrace Solution was the right fit because they also value their customers just as highly as we do as well as have huge experience in fleet rental industry.

We carry this emphasis on strong client communication through to our partnership—whether that’s weekly chats or quarterly face-to-face meetings. By providing open and honest feedback to each other, we can continue to provide the best possible experience to MyRent clients in Latino America.

What Does This Partnership Mean for Me?

You can continue to do all your favorite things in MyRent like rental and fleet management, collect payments, and track vehicles, but now you have the option to receive the customer support closer to you without any extra fee!

The best part? You choose to work with Intrace, you can be sure to receive all the support you need during and after onboarding, as well as face-to-face training on location if needed.

Are you from South America?

If you have questions on whether car rental system is right for your business, reach out to our team at or call +39-071-90-90-188.

You’ll be supported by a MyRent Account Manager alongside an Intrace Onboarding Specialist to determine how MyRent and Intrace services can help you and what solutions make the most sense for your needs.

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