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Rental Forecast 2022: how the Revenue per Day will be?

The Season 2022 is about to start...

How will the market act?

Will the prices continue to rise?

What will be the strategy to implement?

The crisis of microchips and the pandemic lead to a reduction of -46,42% concerning the registrations in the short-term rentals compared to 2021, while the long-term sector has recorded a reduction of -6,83% compared to last year (source: Dataforce – February 2022 data).

The reduction of the fleet was not offset by an equal reduction in demand, because, even if international and long-haul flights have almost disappeared in 2021, internal market showed to be strong, so that car dealers could increase their rates, recording Revenues per Day during the period of July-August 2021.

What will 2022 hold for us?

This Scenario Represents a Big Opportunity for You as a Car Dealer.

What our successful customers do?

1) They study the Prices

They set targeted pricing logics , to offer customers a wide range of options to choose from for their best rental experience.
They manage high and low season pricelists, or special prices for hotels and tour operators which are integrated with MyRent™.

2) Analyze the Trend Reports

They compare costs with revenues, both for vehicle and for group.
They study turnover developments of ancillaries, reservations and contracts.

3) They optimize the Fleet and Examin the Demand

They optimize the availability of each vehicle and they plan inflations by analysing MyRent datas. Thanks to the Fleet Report, they can control the percentage of group use and adjust their strategy!

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