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Self-Service App


We can provide you a complete App for iOS or Android (ready to use) or the API so you can develop your own. The choice is yours.

We provide a full set of APIs to integrate your solution with MyRent. Modern APIs stick to the HTTP and REST standards that are user-friendly, developers-friendly, understood broadly, and easily accessible. 

And, we at Dogma provide you with the latest and modern APIs that have their own SDLC of designing, developing, testing and building.


Would you like to develop your own app leveraging our own App? We provide the source code for Android and iOS so you can accelerate the development. We provide the SDK that contains every component a developer might find useful while creating the booking experience and implementing the self service process. 

Years of work at your disposal!

White Label App

We can provide a ready to use App that can be easily customized with your needs and your specific workflow.

  • Logo, 
  • UI/UX, 
  • Your identity and 
  • Your workflow
All you need is to delegate our team and let us know about your requirements. We will take care of it!