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Discover How MyRent Can Help You in Your Daily Resources Management

In Car Rental industry, defining the right strategy and implementing the right process is the key to successful business. MyRent is developed in order to let the administrators set data according to their own business strategy.

MyRent car rental software assists a rental operator in policy making by offering various features. By using these features, you can implement additional methods of earning more profit.

  • Prices
  • Duration of Rentals
  • Reports

Price Lists

Establish the rates for your vehicles. You can insert the price for car classes with just one click. You can also see the list of already inserted rates and modify it as per the need of your business. MyRent also allows defining a specific price list for a specific duration.

Reservation Sources

The Reservation sources represent the source which acquires rental agreement to the charterer. It is one of the important features of MyRent software which allows to apply a different rate to each different source.

By using this software, you can easily create different reservation sources, according to the requirement and can set different price lists for each source.


Defining promotion is a crucial part of the car rental business strategy. MyRent makes it easier to structuring the promotional offers and special seasoned price for the business.


Discounts are an important part of any business and applying discount percentage, calculation, deriving final amount etc. is a typical process.

MyRent software can calculate the discounted price, percentage and total amount needed to pay. You just need to mention the percentage of discount or amount of the discount and rest you can leave on to MyRent.

Season Prices

In a Car Rental Business, price is not always constant, it is variable which changes from time to time depending on the marketing strategies.

MyRent software allows you to set the redefined price for special occasions and seasons. Operators can set up the different price for different seasons.

Competitor’s Analysis

MyRent software has an additional module that takes the prices from the main car rental companies according to the season and group of vehicles. By using this feature, it is easy for our customers to define the best price. All in all, it helps in competitor’s analysis.

One Way Renting

One Way Car Rentals are very useful for trips around the country, business trips and for moving to some other locations. MyRent software allows a car rental company to manage one way car rental. The operator can do reservations for one way trip which can be very useful for acquiring customers who need the car for a one-way tour.

Duration of Rentals

Short-term – Establish rates for your vehicles: deciding duration, price list validity; and prices. You may create optionals and insurances you prefer, specifying prices and limits.

Long-term – Create quotations for customer request: MyRent configuration allows you to calculate the monthly rate to apply following the revenue we want to make.


Users of the MyRent software can create Optional and implement a better strategy. Car Rental companies earn more money by the right use of extras. In MyRent software you can create the extras and prices for them. You can manage the insurances, fuel, waiver, kilometers, Vehicle clean, Airport surcharge, Road tax, driver’s age and much more important elements of car rental business by using this feature.

Change the price according to rates, location, season and reservation sources. Get the report of earning for each optional.