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Sustainable Car Rental Company: Two ideas to play their part

A sustainable car rental should be a prerogative as the environmental issue is now a topic that we all know and that accompanies our days. In relation to this, we have become increasingly able to understand what are the gestures that can have a negative or positive impact in this sense, both in our daily actions and in our actions in the workplace.

How can a car rental do its part, take the right actions and be more sustainable?

An ecological fleet

An ecological fleet can be achieved by expanding the electric fleet within your vehicle fleet, providing for an almost total replacement in the future or ensuring that low-emission vehicles represent the majority in our car fleet.

But is an almost all-electric fleet affordable? Maybe, it could be:

According to several studies, including a McKinsey report, the global electric car market is following a growth trend set to increase. It is estimated that within the next five years, the sector will reach four times its current size and that within the next 10 years the major automotive markets could opt entirely for electric.

So, what does all this mean for the renter?

All this would lead to increased production of electric vehicles due to the increasingly consolidated attention to the climatic and environmental situation by the consumer, as well as the consequences of the current fuel prices. All these factors will inevitably direct the consumer’s choices, even when it comes to rental.

Indeed, the rental could be the test bench, for a potential buyer, to test an electric vehicle in the long term to find out how it is and if it can do for him, and then evaluate a real purchase. In this regard, many statistics confirm that the purchase of cars is an increasingly less frequent choice, in fact, as emerged in our previous article (Car rental and Franchising) the consumer increasingly prefers a solution that he perceives as economically more advantageous: rental or car sharing.

In addition, with the electric car there is a greater convenience of use because, being all automatic transmissions, they are easier to drive. Investing in an ecological fleet, fully electric, could initially scare the renter as it would appear a high-end cost.

Therefore in these cases, it is always good to ask yourself a question: have I evaluated the return on the investment I could have before saying no?

To answer the question, we can think of the fact that an electric vehicle would certainly need less maintenance, moreover at lower costs, because these vehicles are equipped with fewer moving parts than a non-electric vehicle which instead needs frequent and periodical maintenance. Another benefit that can trace back to the choice of electric vehicles concerns the fiscal/financial side. We refer to all those incentives promoted by governments and companies that push and believe a lot in the benefits that this transition can and will have on the environment.

In conclusion, an ecological fleet could be a valid experiment and maybe an opportunity already profitable for your rental business, not to mention how beneficial it could be for the environment too.

Paperless is better: say goodbye to paper waste.

A total paperless car rental, where it is not used paper to compile, print and archive documents, avoiding the waste of money and resources. 

How? Through the digitalization of processes, feasible for all those processes that require the use of paper, such as the sigh of a contract or the storage of documents. You can even digitize and automate the document-sharing process with your team. In this regard, the MyRent software allows you the total digitization of processes, thanks to all its functions.

Here are Two: 

  • Cloud based storage, which allows you to access the system from anywhere with the use of your credentials.
  • Different types of digital signature.

MyRent offers several possibilities, but by now all the activities of sale and administration of services should have included among their tools the graphometric digital signature.

The graphometric digital signature works exactly like the physical one and with the same legal value, with only one difference: it is completely paperless. In fact, by adopting this solution you will have a tablet and a special stylus, to read the document at the desk and allow the customer to sign it directly from the tablet. The documentation will be stored in your MyRent and will be available on any occasion when you need it.

Convenient, isn’t it?

Another even more convenient and increasingly digital solution is the OTP (one-time password) digital signature. That kind of digital signature not only allows you to say goodbye to the use of paper to sign contracts but also allows the signing of the contract remotely through a link sent via email or SMS to the end customer to authenticate the digital signature. Digitizing processes is now part of our present and increasingly represents the future of any business activity. Why not start with MyRent, helping the environment and minimizing paper consumption?

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