News:Monthly Rental

The all-new Monthly Rental Management Option from MyRent makes it easier than ever to manage and charge for your Car Rental. Monthly Rental  for Car Rental owners became headache but… Good News: You have clients who want to rent and pay on a monthly basis! And if you find managing those monthly rentals easy, that’s […]

New MyRent’s E-Payment Integration Help You to Transit Your Business Online

    We’re living through hard times, to say at least. As a result of social distancing, car rentals, car dealers and body shops have to rethink how they are going to manage payments and save the business. This has been especially widespread in tourism-related space. Many businesses closed their doors in the wake of […]

How to Drive Customers to Your Car Rental?

How to attract customers to car rental? If you are worried about the future of your car rental business, you have nothing to be worry about except not chasing the market trends. Worldwide car rental market has seen a significant development over the years. According to “Globalnewswire“, by 2024 the market is estimated at $122.6 […]

5 Biggest Challenges for the Car Rental Industry and how to Deal with Them

5 Biggest Challenges for the Car Rental Industry and How to Deal with Them Car Rental operators and vendors face different challenges while managing reservations and resources. Here are the 5 biggest challenges faced by the car rental industry and some great ideas to deal with these challenges. Car Rental Industry Challenges 1. Driving Challenges […]