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TELEMATIC TECHNOLOGY: WHAT IT IS AND HOW to use it for your car rental company

Telematics refers to the use of wireless devices and “black box” technologies to transmit data in real time back to an organization.

How does Gartner’sdefinition explain, telematics acts through the use of wireless devices and black box technologies, to transmit real time data to an organization (or a server).

Telematics is a technology that arises from the need to transmit data and information between the different devices, almost in conjunction with the birth of the internet.

What is telematics for?

Telematics allows the transfer of information to the devices of an organization. The data collected by the device is transmitted to a server that translates and transmits them to optimized websites and apps, to make them available and readable to the user. Telematics is a real breakthrough in the world of mobile technology as data can be transmitted to apps and websites optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Telematics and vehicle fleet

It is a tracking device that is installed in the vehicle, aimed at sending, receiving and storing telemetry data. It connects via on-board diagnostics or via a small on-board modem that allows communications over wireless networks.

The data that can be collected are multiple: position, acceleration, vehicle downtime, sudden braking, fuel consumption, vehicle failures and more. The data provided by these devices are very important for the development, status and management of the fleet. Valuable information for the entrepreneur, through which he can better manage his fleet of vehicles.

With telematics you can also send data and informations to the same drivers.

The installation of telematics is possible in-market, buying a vehicle that leaves the dealer with the device inserted or after-market relying on specific installation services.

Benefits of telematics


Thanks to the ability to monitor the progress of the vehicle, speed, acceleration or braking and especially thanks to the possibility to be alerted via an electronic device if a vehicle impact is detected, cars equipped with telematics are also equipped with greater safety for the driver and for the owner of the vehicle


Cars with telematics significantly shorten different timing like fuel level control.


Telematics offers the possibility to offer a new type of service, unique and valuable: self-service rental. Thanks to this technology it will be possible to lock and unlock the vehicle doors directly from an application. The final customer can carry out the pick-up and the drop-off of the vehicle in total autonomy. 

The service, in this way, is an added value, and it is incredibly important for the final customer. In addition, this type of rental allows you to significantly reduce the queue at the desk and reduce the procedures that would otherwise be done in person, shortening time and increasing automation.

App for self-service rental

In MyRent we have developed an ad hoc application for this type of service, which allows renters to have a fully customized mobile app, which communicates the brand identity of the company and completely dedicated to the final customer, who, will have the opportunity to scan documents, digitally sign contracts, book vehicles, and when the vehicles are equipped with telematics, check in by themselves, making use of a totally self rental mode service completely keyless and paperless.

The app, in addition to providing a unique and innovative service is a very important tool for customer loyalty, which will provide added value to the relationship between customer and company

The best part? The app is integrated with the MyRent car rental systems, so you can have prices, details and conditions of the vehicles always up to date and in real time, making changes only and exclusively from the dashboard of your MyRent environment.

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