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Always improving! These are MyRents’ latest product updates for November 2020.


Car Rentals continue the activities with the “new normal” and restrictions that were imposed by the government and caused by COVID-19. The team of MyRent has been working on new releases. Here’s a look at the new updates.

1. New Dashboard

Have you ever wanted to do “New Rental/Reservation” as soon as you enter MyRent account? Now you can. After entering the MyRent account you can see the new quick action buttons that will allow you to create a rental in seconds. Instead of going to MyRent module and click on the new reservation. Here’s how it looks like in your account.

1.1 The quick action buttons

The quick action buttons are the most used features of MyRent: such as “calendar”, “new reservation”, “new quotation”, “new reservation”, “new rental”, which allows you to move faster to the needed action without entering the MyRent menu.

1.2. Clickable Numbers

Instead “clickable number” button such as “pick up the number”, before you could see how many drops off and pick up you had for that day, now you can see who exactly is delivering the car and collecting the car for today and tomorrow. By clicking on the number, there will appear pop up where you can see the details, who will be the client.

Car Rental software MyRent new and updated


2. Reservations and rentals:Easier Navigation

If You run a car rental business or you are involved in management activities, you know how important is that your team gets on the board and learns the software as soon as possible. With the new release, MyRent team decided to enumerate actions while creating reservations or rental and the next button, which will help to guide the new staff without any additional training.

The Best Part? For users, that are using MyRent that will use MyRent for the first time it will save a lot of time. So Now in the updated MyRent we have numbered the actions, that will tell to your new employee and new user of MyRent what steps needs to be taken, along with “next” button. “Next” button sends you to the following page

3. Visualization of Payment

Most of the time, operators don’t want to see only what “rate”/”tariff” was applied, but also they want to see more details regarding the payment. That’s why now instead of going to a special module, all the details are available under the 4th step of creating rental “Payment”. Instead, before you had to click on “invoice” to see further details, today you don’t need to click any button but you can quickly check it.

4. Better Management of Walk-in situations

Walk-in in car rental business means when the client is presenting without any reservation directly to your office. As you may already know, in MyRent you can see the group that was booked and the group of the vehicle that was assigned.
When is it useful?

When for example, the client has booked the group “A” but is not available and you assign the group B. This tactic is widely used in car rental business management.
The best part?

If you want your client to pay for the group that was assigned to him, and not the one that was reserved by him, you can go to preferences and configure this new behaviour. When you activate this behaviour, when you activate walk-in rental, with reservation source of walk-in, at this point, the software will not allow the user to make upgrade, so thw client will pay for the vehicle that was delivered.

5. Improved UI x UX

While creating the reservations, there were some tabs that were not useful to all car rentals. These tabs were “split payment” (widely used in Sweden), prepaid voucher, agent and “Info XML”. Now in the preferences, you can decide to deactivate these tabs if you find them not useful.

The best part? So simply while you will create the reservation you will have only 4 mandatory tabs instead of 6.

6.Now Show Up Management Automated!

In the new MyRent, you have more time to think about improving your car rental business other than marking now shows! If before, you had to mark every now show manually, nowadays you can configure the option that will allow you this to be automatic after some hours.

7. Drag and Drop Options

You can now easily drag and drop reservations and have better control over every booking. So if the customer wants to prolong the rental and there is another reservation on the same number of plates, you can move the reservation in no time.

Plus, the software saves all the information that was done during the reservation and you don’t need to create a new one.

8. Overdue payments

Now, when you go to Administration module and click on “balance report” and then”overdue payments”, MyRent will show all overdue payments. But this is not all, MyRent went further to make it easier to control for fleet managers and operators.


The best part? You can filter by the date and location, and send 3 types of reminders. 1st as a soft reminder, after medium, and final notice regarding the payment. After receiving the 3rd notice and payment was not received, the client automatically goes into blacklist with a special configuration that you can allow before. So if the client will want to book again the new vehicle, the operator will have information that this client is on the blacklists for payment reasons.

car-rental-overdue-payments-management9. Mobile Application Improved and even more powerful Now!

For the ones that use our app, you are also used to sign contracts of rentals from the MyRent mobile app. When you show the table to the client for the signature, after the signing process is finished the software does not go to the main menu “dashboard”, but remains on the same page for the next client “signature”.
The best part? In the busy airports, operators can manage to check out the process even faster than before and avoid client’s frustration!

10. MyRent Booking API

Technical news also going! We have prepared and developed API, that will allow you to integrate with other apps. With this API, developers can develop specific interfaces according to their need.

11. First Car Rental Podcast!

We have launched the podcast! Yes, the podcast will keep you updated about what is happening in the car rental world. 2 versions exist: 1 is in English and another in Italian. We already have launched 6 episodes, where we are speaking not only what are the trends in car rental world but also interview experts in this field.

MyRent is Here For You

If you’re feeling isolated or worried about the survival of your business, just know that you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve created a list of resources that we hope will help EU, South African, Russia, and Ukraine small businesses navigate these uncertain times.

And as always, the MyRent team is standing by to answer any questions you have. So if you need a hand with anything else, please feel free to reach out.

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