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Tour Operator Portal

MyRent Software is integrated with web for offering smooth processing of online bookings. The web version has functionality dedicated for Tour Operators.
Tour Operators may play an important role in bringing more customers for your business. Using MyRent software, you can assign to your trusted Tour Operators (travel,agencies,hotels,agents,etc) a dedicated web access allowing them to make:

Real Time verification of your available vehicles on MyRent.

tour operator portal

Verify prices based on the rate you created for them.


Proceed with a reservation of a vehicle that you will find as reserved also on MyRent.


Give to the customer the coupon number to show for the rental.


You will have an online reserved area for tour operators, who will be able to check the availability of vehicles and make booking using special rates reserved
especially for them. You could handle prepaid,invoice commissions and monitor the increase of earning that each Tour Operator is giving to your business.