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XML Integration

With XML, we can integrate MyRent and Online Booking directly with the most important reservation portals on the web!

Web XML integration is a very important service we provide to our customers. Let’s find how MyRent system’s XML integration works-

For understanding about MyRent web XML integration, consider these steps-

  • MyRent software
  • Online Booking that is on the website of the client

Now, how customers can reach to the website of the client? There are some portals which are used worldwide for finding cars and most of the users search via these portals. These portals do not provide any cars by their own, but they show the data of the various car rental companies.


Now, each portal has its own software as they are other companies. It means that our developers must integrate our software with their ones. This integration requires time and is difficult to implement. Information is displayed in different ways and we need to keep in touch with the companies in order to integrate the software.

Apart from the software integration, we also integrate the way of payment and guarantee the protection of the bank details of customers.

Benefits of Web XML Integration

Online booking, booking from an app and via the tour operator portal, all are available in MyRent car rental management system, then why we need to do this typical software integration. Here some reasons for car rental companies to use this service-

  • This XML integration helps you to increase the traffic on your website.
  • Integration with such portals ensures more active sales and extensive customer database.
  • After XML integration, you will have more control over business and you can invest more time in customer support and other assets of the company.

So you will be easily by search engines and increase considerably your sales!


With online booking application and its user-friendly features, we can ensure you get additional reservations. You can target mobile and smartphone users and get the reservations from every corner of the world.