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 Learn how to measure performance and save time and headache with WeYield.

If You are Vehicle Rental Founder or Fleet Manager you know how valuable is to reduce the uncertainty of the future and find ways to improve revenue management of car rental. When working with big data and numbers, it is important to have a handful of tools that will collect all the insights for you and help to find ways to increase car rental revenue and margin. We interviewed the Founder of WeYield Emmanuel Scuto, who has 20 years of experience in revenue management. The interview gives our subscribers a better understanding of how WeYield is helping to improve performance and car rental revenue. We shared the most important information with you.

At MyRent we carefully curate complementary apps and integrations that help you take the efficiency of your car rental business to the next level and focus on what matters most: running your business!

And it’s why we have partnered with WeYield. With the MyRent’s integration with WeYield, you can now

It takes great software to know another great technology.As CEO and founder of WeYield Emanule Scuto said during our Car rental podcast, episode 6:

Control your business, measure, and take the right decision that are the results that customers get adopting the WeYield.”

What is WeYield and How it Will Help You?

WeYield was founded in 2012 in France, the smart AI that helps vehicle rental companies to optimize rent and reduce time spent on analyzing data. As CEO of WeYield noticed:

“WeYield is for vehicle rental companies, who have large fleet and are ready to change. The founders who want to have smart analytical tools and need to have control over their business. As some case studies and feedbacks showed car rental managers after using WeYield had mentioned that they were blind before using WeYield”.

What Will WeYield Do Provide You?

How Does MyRent Integrates With WeYield?

With the MyRent integration with WeYield, you can see different reports and how prices are changing in the period. With this streamlined workflow, you’ll no longer have to jump between apps, saving you time.

Here’s how it works In MyRent

After contacting MyRent and completing integration with WeYield, you have to log in in your MyRent account. Once located as an Administrator user,

select the “Tools“, then “market analysis” and see the options that can bring you integration with WeYield.

You, Will, Have Control over the prices and Compete Better with WeYield

What Does This Partnership Means For Me?

You can continue to do all your favorite things in MyRent like managing fleet rentals, collect payments, and track revenue and expenses, but now you have the option to add a virtual financial advisor from WeYield to your team.

The best part? If you choose to work with WeYield, you can be sure all those time-consuming analytical tasks will be taken care of each day, making decision-making time and price management easy-breezy.

Getting Started with WeYield

If you have questions on whether WeYield tools are right for your business, reach out to our team at or call +39

You’ll be supported by a MyRent Account Manager alongside a WeYield Onboarding Specialist to determine how WeYield services can help you and what solutions make the most sense for your needs.

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